Energize NY Champions

Pastor Michelle Lewis

Miriam O’Malley Dias

Amy Pace

Father Robert Gahler, Co-chair of the Energy NR Committee

One of the privileges I have is serving on the Energy Committee of New Rochelle. It is an opportunity for me to live out encouraging other people to come on with Energize New Rochelle and take advantage of the opportunity to have a home energy assessment done, to better understand the particular situation of your house. Now is the time to do it, seize the day, as the Romans said!

Jeff Apotheker

I enjoy participating on the EnergyNR committee because it gives me an opportunity to dive into a global issue by helping our community become more sustainable.

Kathy Gilwit

Energize New Rochelle Staff Liaison

Janine Belfast

Energize New Rochelle Liaison

Lauren Brois

Energize NY Staffer

I’m here to assist New Rochelle homeowners through the Home Performance with Energy Star. When you call Energize, I’ll be the person to answer your questions and help you through the program.