Energy NR Meeting

Jan 30th 2017
New Rochelle City Hall
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The Energy NR is a Committee of New Rochelle residents, commissioned by the City,  from a cross section of the city’s neighborhoods. Our goal is to inform New Rochelle Residents on:

•Financial, comfort, and health benefits of Energy Efficiency
•Access to affordable incentives and professional resources for home retrofitting for energy performance improvement

Energize NR Is Good For Residents:

•Saves money : 20 to 50 % energy savings from retrofits
•Improves indoor comfort levels
•Energy Efficiency improvements can increase home resale value

And Good For The City of New Rochelle

•Reduces our City’s carbon footprint, making for healthier residents

If you are interested in joining our committee please contact Gina  D'Agrosa, at or reach Lauren Brois by phone at 914-302-7300 extn 8102